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A Seed of Change with Every Purchase 

At Our Baby Space, our commitment transcends beyond creating the softest, most eco-friendly baby sleepwear. In a heartfelt collaboration with One Tree Planted, our vision extends to nurturing our planet's future—one baby bodysuit at a time. This partnership highlights our commitment to our business and a cause that truly changes what it means to give back to the Earth.
For every product you purchase, we pledge to plant a tree. This commitment is our way of embedding a piece of positive action into every transaction. It's not just about offering your child unparalleled comfort and safety; it's about taking a definitive step towards global reforestation that leaves a lasting impact on our planet's lungs.



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One Tree Planted works with carefully vetted tree-planting partners to determine the most effective reforestation method. In some places, this may mean supporting nature’s ability to heal itself through natural regeneration with seeds from local trees. This type of management is often the best option when the land is degraded rather than deforested and can return on its own if given the proper support.


Forrest overlooking the water showing British Columbia rain forest supported with Our Baby space Eco friendly baby sleep wear


After the historic 2017, Hanceville Fire burned 240,000 acres of land in British Columbia, One Tree Planted joined forces with the Canadian government and community partners like First Nations to restore these iconic forests and expand the Forest Carbon Initiative, which aims to reduce emissions and sequester carbon by planting trees while providing jobs in rural communities. To accomplish this, we planted species like lodgepole pine, trembling aspen, and Douglas fir,


Current Projects


British Columbia and Quebec rain forest that are supported by Our Baby space Eco friendly baby sleep wear
Dad and Son planting a tree Our Baby space Eco friendly baby sleep wear
When you choose Our Baby Space, you're not just selecting a product; you're voting for a future where nature and humanity thrive in harmony. After your purchase, we will email you your tree-planting certificate for your support and highlight the area you helped restore. Each bodysuit represents a tangible step towards combating deforestation, climate change, and biodiversity loss. Together, we can create a legacy of sustainability and care transcending our time.

We believe in transparency and the power of collective action. Track the impact of your purchases through updates on our tree-planting efforts and see how your choices contribute to reforestation projects around the globe. Our partnership with One Tree Planted ensures that every tree planted is part of a more significant, concerted effort to restore forests, create habitats, and enhance the lives of all living beings.



Planting The Future

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