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Since becoming a father in 2019, my top priority has been finding the perfect fabric for my son that is safe, comfortable, and breathable. I wanted to ensure his clothes were made of natural materials that wouldn't irritate his sensitive skin while being environmentally friendly. However, my search for the ideal fabric led me to a shocking discovery about bamboo baby clothing - despite its reputation for being "natural," its environmental impact is more significant than I am willing to accept.
Most bamboo fabrics available today, such as bamboo viscose or bamboo, must undergo an extensive chemical process during manufacturing. TENCEL™., on the other hand, is known for its sustainability, and it's becoming a popular choice among those who prefer eco-friendly fabrics over traditional ones like cotton or bamboo.

Tencel's sustainability and exceptional softness make it unique and superior to conventional fabrics like cotton and bamboo. Driven by a deep desire to provide a better solution to safeguard my son's comfort without compromising our planet's health, I conceived Our Baby Space in 2020

Dad huging his son who is wearing a red soft eco-friendly bodysuit from Our baby Space

Our brand champions the cause of genuinely sustainable baby sleepwear, leveraging the remarkable qualities of 100% certified TENCEL™. This fabric not only meets but exceeds our strict criteria for eco-friendliness, offering unparalleled softness and breathability that are perfect for regulating a baby's body temperature while helping to improve their sleep. As a proud single father, the foundation of Our Baby Space is built on a personal journey towards creating a safer, greener future for our children.

We are committed to ensuring that every baby can be stylishly dressed in materials that are as kind to their skin as they are to the environment. With every purchase, we extend our commitment to sustainability by contributing to global reforestation efforts with One Tree Planted, embodying the belief that our actions today can lead to a healthier planet for our children tomorrow.
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