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Baby Sleeping on a bed wearing Tencel Clothing That Supports Baby Eczema And Sensitive Baby Skin


Eczema is a skin condition that presents as patches of irritated, red, crusty, and/or scaly skin that sometimes flakes off. The skin in the area is rough and itchy, and when scratched, it can cause infections.

This condition can be caused by genetics, problems with the skin barrier letting irritating germs in and moisture out, or the body not producing enough fatty cells that help keep moisture in your skin. It can even be caused by environmental factors when the skin comes into contact with an irritating substance.

But don’t be dismayed. There are many solutions for your child's skin. Creams, baths, and different moisturizing methods help lessen the symptoms of Eczema. 

 One other place to look at for improving your child's well-being is clothing. 

Yes, your favourite jumper for your baby may be contributing to flare-ups of Eczema. 


How the clothes your child wears can affect their Eczema


Closet of Ecofriendly baby clothing for sensitive baby skin from Our Baby space Eco friendly baby sleep wear

Going through your baby’s closet may not entirely solve the problem, but it will help your child feel more comfortable.

Synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester are major problems for those suffering from Eczema for two reasons:

Texture—Any rough material that rubs against the patch of skin will irritate it. Wool may be natural, but its rough material will irritate. 

Breathability – Although some synthetic fibres are soft, they don’t breathe. Instead, they trap heat, causing your little one to sweat and make them even itchier. 


What your baby does need is clothing that is made of natural materials, soft, and breathable. 


This is where Tencel™ Fiber clothing comes in. 



What exactly are Tencel™ Fibers? 

Ecofriendly Tencel closed loop process showing the grid of Wood pulp being made to  Tencel Baby  fabric Our Baby space Eco friendly baby sleep wear

Tencel™ is an innovative and environmentally sustainable company that produces Tencel™ branded fibres. These fibres are responsibly sourced from wood and have many unique properties, making them the best choice for clothing for children with Eczema. They are soft and durable and can be combined with other textiles to increase wearability.  


Why is Tencel™ so great for Eczema prone skin? 


The material in the different Tencel™ fibres is natural and kinder to the environment and your child's skin. 

The Tencel™ modal fibres are super soft and highly flexible, so they won’t rub the skin and irritate like other synthetic and rough materials. Meanwhile, the Tencel™ Lyocell fibres are great for moisture absorption, fibre strength, and gentleness on the skin.


Tencel™ fibers efficiently wick moisture away, causing less itching. The breathable material allows air to wipe off any trace amounts of irritants that can cling to the skin and cause infection or another flare-up. Even sweat can cause itchiness, making airflow to the skin even more important.


10 Tencel brand colors of Our Baby space Eco friendly baby sleep wear

Clothing made with Tencel™ Fibers is also naturally anti-itch. Itching is perhaps Eczema's worst and most annoying symptom, especially when it leads to scratching and an open wound. Tencel™ fibres, through their natural wood pulp properties, naturally suppress any need for itching. 


Tencel™ fibres are the right choice for your child's Eczema. Though it may not heal them, the clothing will improve their comfort during and between flare-ups.



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